A trip to the semi-wild

Drive a few hours north of Berlin and you will find yourself in the least populated province of Germany (still heavily populated by NZ standards). It is a land of lakes, wolves, wild boar, fields, meadows, and German villages.grainAn ear of wheat, ripe and ready for harvest.

butterflyA painted lady butterfly alights on the dry stalks of ripe wheat.

mistletoeCircular clumps of parasitic mistletoe cover this poplar, sucking its sap and possibly causing some branches to die.

grassgrass seeds unfurl on an open meadow at the edge of the forest

camouflagedThe field ends and the dark, boar-infested forest begins.antsA band of furious ants ravage the carcass of an unknown thing on the forest path.squirrelA red squirrel dances a territorial dance on a scots pine, in mixed beech and fur forest.toadThe common toad, with dry cool skin hops across the forest path.lightstreamShafts of light illuminate the smoke from our camp fire as it wafts through the under story of young beech trees.

avocadoA well sliced lunch.